Fabrication and Welding Contractor

MNG IMPEX provides complete range of Fabrication and welding solution that specializes in both projects. Our team is extremely skilled and certified so that we may provide you with perfect results no issue how big or how small the job may be. Our wide range of services covers every aspect of the fabrication and welding process, from consideration, to new project.

We undertake challenging Industrial jobs like:

  • Erection, fabrication and welding of IBR piping and valves in Steam Turbine Generator and Utility boilers (Captive Power Plant).
  • Big & tedious repairs on brazed Aluminum fin type heat exchangers
  • Cryogenic columns, reactors, vessels, Retort furnace is in our credit.
  • Tube to tube sheet welding of heat exchangers
  • Technical Manpower supply for various projects / shutdown and Emergent Jobs.
  • Heavy Fabrication of Industrial equipments.
  • We provide services of our expert fabricators, welders and other engineers on per-diem rates to our customers.
  • We also assist the Foreign Vendor Experts by providing our special engineers, fabricators, welders & advanced hardware and welding execution strictly as per OEM procedure & supervision